The 18 November update for DMM and Kadokawa’s popular online browser game, Kantai Collection, marked the beginning of the game’s Fall 2015 event, titled “Charge! Maritime Transport Operation!” One of the highlights for this event is the addition of four new ships.

Training Cruiser Kashima (CV: Ai Kayano)

CT_Kashima_465_Full CT_Kashima_465_Full_Damaged

German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin (CV: Saori Hayami)

CV_Graf_Zeppelin_432_Full CV_Graf_Zeppelin_432_Full_Damaged

Destroyer Hagikaze (CV: Saori Hayami)

DD_Hagikaze_455_Full DD_Hagikaze_455_Full_Damaged

Destroyer Arashi (CV: Ai Kayano)

DD_Arashi_454_Full DD_Arashi_454_Full_Damaged

The Fall 2015 event also features new Abyssal ships that are currently giving some admirals a whole lot of headaches, most especially those mean PT Imps, which are quite hard to hit. These PT Imps are modeled after those tiny allied PT boats which have gained a reputation for severely damaging Japanese warships in World War 2, and yes, since they were small and fast, they were hard to hit!

PT Imp Pack


Light Cruiser Princess


Submarine Princess


Destroyer Water Demon


The new event also introduces a Destroyer-based combined fleet called the “Transporter Escort Force,” and it does not allow bigger ships like Battleships and Aircraft Carriers as part of the fleet in order to form one, just the smaller Destroyers and Light Cruisers, though Aviation Cruisers are allowed.

The event is slated to end 7 December, so to all the admirals out there, good luck in trying to farm Graf Zeppelin, Roma and Prinz Eugen!

Images via KanColle Wikia