Kantai Collection had another game update on 30 October, and it celebrates Halloween by giving two Italian ships some Halloween CGs. The update also gives a much-deserved Kai Ni treatment to one of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s most decorated and battle-hardened warships, the aircraft carrier, Zuikaku.

Zuikaku is getting not one, but two upgrades. The first upgrade requires the admiral to have Zuikaku to be at Lvl. 77 and must have one blue print and one proto-type flight deck. The second upgrade meanwhile must have good-ol’ flight deck chest at level 90, and it turns Turkey-chan from a standard fleet carrier to an armored carrier.

Zuikaku Kai Ni

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Zuikaku Kai Ni A

CVB_Zuikaku_Kai_Ni_A_467_Full CVB_Zuikaku_Kai_Ni_A_467_Full_Damaged

So who’s the turkey now? The concept behind Zuikaku Kai Ni is from the “what if scenario” if she survived the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Well, she’s still the flight deck chest we know and loved though…

They also added new Halloween CGs for the Italian destroyer, Libeccio, and the Italian Battleship, Roma. Yes admirals, Roma exists, I have her in my fleet in fact. (images via Yaraon!)

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Ain’t Libeccio just the cutest? In fact, the admirals who were not able to get her in the last event may get the chance to have her as she will be available as a rare drop in World 4 – 5 for a limited time. She also gets new Halloween lines!

Finally, the game adds four new quests and the slot expansion limit has been increased to 270. Five new equipment, all of which are aircraft have also been added.

  • Zero Fighter Model 21 (w/ Iwamoto Squad)
  • Type 0 Fighter Model 52 (Skilled)
  • Zero Fighter Model 52C (w/ Iwai Squad)
  • Zero Fighter Model 52A (w/ Iwamoto Squad)
  • Zero Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber / Iwai Squadron)

Source: KanColle Wiki