As Ghost in the Shell is celebrating its 25th or silver anniversary, and as we previously reported here on AFA Channel, the classic anime has gotten special limited edition Ghost in the Shell Ukiyo-e prints, which are made with traditional Japanese techniques passed down through generations.

Now, a new Ukiyo-e print design has been unveiled, and it is a lot more festive than the first one. However, like the first one, this new Ukiyo-e woodcut print ain’t cheap at all!


Based on an artwork by Ghost in the Shell Arise character designer and director Kazuchika Kise, this traditionally-made piece of GITS art e will be printed on traditional Japanese paper, and will cost a whopping 43,200 yen. Also like the first design, these prints will be made by an icon in the Ukiyo-e art form, Ichibe Iwano, a ninth-generation master of Echizen paper and considered as a “living national treasure”.

This print will be the second one in a series, with the first one being inspired by the original movie’s poster.

Source: animeanime