Being a Mangaka is definitely no walk in the part. Sure, if you get serialized and get an anime, you gain a stable income from the royalties alone and you get famous too, but then again, there are those terrible deadlines you have to meet, not to mention all those sleepless nights when trying to meet those hellish deadlines.

Mangaka Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is already legendary for being a workaholic, but it has now surfaced that Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump creator and Dragon Quest character designer, Akira Toriyama, may give him a run for his money.


The two have sat in an interview not too long ago and discussed not being able to sleep due to their overwhelming workload. In the interview, Oda revealed that he only sleeps 2 HOURS every night.

“Now, while working, I only sleep two hours every two days, that’s not all at once, but divided up into 15 minutes at a time.”

Wow, and I get grumpy when I only sleep for five hours… Don’t worry though, these days, Oda now sleeps for a total of three hours.

But Dragon ball’s Toriyama raised that and said he only slept for a total of 20 minutes in the span of six days,

“There was a time where I slept only twenty minutes over the spawn of six days, It was like I was gonna die.”

Well, that certainly sounded like they had a lot of coffee… lots and lots of coffee.  In a separate interview, the manga legend even admitted that he did not get any sleep while working on Dr. Slump.

Toriyama then asked Oda if he has even fallen asleep while drawing One Piece. To this, Oda replied that he had not, but he had drawn Luffy in Nami’s body and commented that Luffy looked pretty surprising with breasts. That just proves what lack of sleep does to you.  Both mangaka however have agreed that getting rest eventually results to them having better mangas.

Source: Kotaku