The artist for the manga adaptation of Kazuki Sakuraba’s popular mystery light novel series, Gosick, is celebrating the release of the complete set of the manga version with a bang. Amano Sakuya, the mangaka responsible for the Gosick manga, has tweeted a few of his pop up works, which are so gorgeous that even Victorique herself might get interested in them.


Using only paper and pencil, Sakuya-sensei showed his skill by recreating some of Gosick’s most famous scenes, from Victorique reading some books, to her younger self meeting her mother, Cordelia, for the very first time.

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Retweeted about 2,000 times now, Sakuya-sensei’s works have inspired many other artists to do the same. Many hhave commented on the mangaka’s skill, while others found his works to be quite cute! His drawings really brought the world of Gosick to life.

Source: Rocket News 24