Giant cockroaches have taken over Mars, and they are about to come into conflict with humanity! Kenichi Tachibana and Yuu Sasuga’s bestselling science fiction thriller manga, Terraformars, is getting itself a live-action movie adaptation, and it boasts a ton of star power from some of Japan’s biggest movie stars, and some of them even have the Hollywood credentials. Now, two new posters for the movie have finally been revealed:

news_xlarge_terraformars_poster (1) news_xlarge_terraformars_poster

The the second poster reveals some of the star-studded cast members in costume, and also teases the movie’s main antagonists, the frightening Terraformars, which are gigantic cockroaches from Mars, and the worst part is, they can also fly! The second poster also reveals that the movie will be making its premiere in Japan on 29 April 2016, which coincides with its Golden Week holidays promise. You can check out the movie’s star-studded cast here:


The movie will be adapting the Bugs 2 arc from the manga, which are the second batch of people sent to Mars to counter the Terraformar threat. Because the original manga featured a multi-national cast which includes a man from Israel, a man from Thailand, an American, etc., the movie’s casting will go down like the live-action Attack on Titan movie, where the characters are getting what fans call a “race lift” and will feature a Japanese-only cast. Because this conflicts with the manga’s setting, changes to the characters were made.

Source: Cinema Today