Humanity is under threat from gigantic cockroaches from Mars, and we are finally getting a first look at them. Japanese early morning TV show, Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV, has finally aired the very first footage from the live-action Terraformars movie.

Well, that one didn’t end well…

The live-action Terraformars movie is slated to premiere in Japan on 29 April 2016, which coincides with its Golden Week holidays promise. You can check out the movie’s star-studded cast here:


The movie will be adapting the Bugs 2 arc from the manga, which are the second batch of people sent to Mars to counter the Terraformar threat. Because the original manga featured a multi-national cast which includes a man from Israel, a man from Thailand, an American, etc., the movie’s casting will go down like the live-action Attack on Titan movie, where the characters are getting what fans call a “race lift” and will feature a Japanese-only cast. Because this conflicts with the manga’s setting, changes to the characters were made.

Source: Yaraon!