Are you alone this Christmas? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to date a Japanese seiyuu? Well fret no more Mr. lonesome, because the very seiyuu behind characters like Sword Art Online’s Asuna and To Love-Ru’s Lala Deviluke, Haruka Tomatsu, will be going on a date with you for Christmas… in the virtual world.


Renowned figure makers, Megahouse, actually have a VR simulation headset called the BotsNew. You can buy the headset and just download the BotsNew App to be able to escape from your yearly Christmas alone time and have a romantic evening with Haruka Tomatsu!


BotsNew allows users to have a 360 degree view of the virtual world with your smartphone.  It includes a variety of programs, which range from scary haunted houses to roller-coaster rides, and yes, virtual dates. The simulation program for the Haruka Tomatsu Christmas date comes as a package with the software and four cupcakes from Rolls New York, which will be used to simulate Haruka serving you some cupcakes. Now say aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!


Unfortunately, it does seem that you really have to serve yourself by hand, but with the power of imagination, anything’s possible, right?! The cupcakes which will come with the package include chocolate orange, peach, cranberry, and cheese pepper.


This VR package is now available via Yahoo! store for 4,584 yen, and will ship out early December 2016, just before Christmas.

Source: Rocket News 24