It’s December, and people are excited for Christmas this year, even in Japan. To celebrate this festive season, the Atre shopping center in Akihabara is teaming up with Working!!! for a very special collaboration, which also promotes the conclusion to the anime’s story, Lord of Takanashi.


The anime’s character designer, Shingo Adachi, has created several festive artworks for some of Atre’s shops and restaurants, including Royal Host, a family restaurant just like Wagnaria. They will be serving special Working!!! menu items which not only include parfaits (because its Working!!! after all), but also drinks and food.


And like any collaboration, several freebies will be given away and merchandise will be sold. Visitors can also win free Christmas ornaments and gift cards in the first floor Christmas tree!

The collaboration will be available at Atre until 20 December, while Royal Host’s Working!!! menu will be available until 1 January 2016.


Source: Crunchyroll