Remember that anime, D.Gray-man? If you do, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that it’s getting a revival! A sequel to the previous anime series, which ended in 2008, has been announced!


The news was presented at a stage event at Jump Festa 2016, which took place at Makuhari Messe on 19 to 20 December 2015. The new season, which will go on air next year, will continue off from where the previous anime ended, with the events of the Alma arc.

The original manga started serialization in 2004, while the first version of the anime aired from 2006 to 2008. The story so far goes:

Toward the end of the 19th century, Allen Walker officially joins the organization of Exorcists that destroy the beings known as Akuma; mechanic weapons made by the Millennium Earl with the suffering souls of the dead. Allen has both a cursed eye and an anti-Akuma weapon as an arm, bearing the power of “Innocence,” a gift given to him as an apostle of God. Allen, along with his fellow Exorcists must put a stop to the Millennium Earl’s ultimate plot that could lead to the destruction of the world and all who live on it.

The cast of Allen Walker and Howard Link from the previous instalment will be changed as well. Replacing Sanae Kobayashi (Namie Yagiri in Durarara!!, Lucy from Elfen Lied) is Ayumu Murase (Shoyo Hinata from Haikyu!!, Rui Ninomiya from Gatchaman Crowds) as Allen. Meanwhile, Shinnosuke Tachibana (Morisuke Yaku from Haikyu!!, Nils Neilson from Gundam Build Fighters) will voice Link, who was previously Kishio Daisuke (Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight, Junta Teshima from Yowamushi Pedal).

Along with a promotional visual for the new anime, a trailer video has also been revealed (only viewable in certain regions):

Personally, I’ve been a really big fan of the series ever since I was a child, so I’m eagerly anticipating the sight of my favourite characters being brought to life again. I can’t wait to relieve the memories!

D.Gray-man official anime homepage:

D.Gray-man official anime twitter: @dgrayman_anime