2016’s second issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine has delivered as promised, announcing some pretty big news concerning Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma. As everyone had expected, they announced that Yuuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki’s bestselling food manga is getting a second season!


Not much details were given, but Soma and the rest of the gang are really returning for a second season. More of these details will be announced in later dates.

Issue #2 of Shounen Jump! is big for the manga as it commemorates Shokugeki no Soma’s third anniversary. The mega-popular manga magazine even features the manga in its cover for issue #2.


Of course, that is not the only Shokugeki no Soma-related announcement Jump has for this issue, as it also announced that the original event anime focusing on the Aldini brothers will be released as a DVD and will come bundled with the manga’s Vol. 18 Tankoubon compilation’s limited edition release. This bundle is scheduled for release on 2 May 2016.

So are you excited for season 2? I surely am!

Source: Yaraon!