The official Gundam news Facebook page, Gundam Global Portal, has announced that for a limited time from 25 December until 7 January, will be streaming the first episode of the new Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt online for free.


Here is what they posted on Facebook:

Mobile Suid Gundam Thunderbolt episode 1 will be available from 25th, December, 2015 12pm to 7th January, 2016 12pm in Japan time on Gundam info (EN, KR, TW, HK). Free viewing for limited time in the limited area only.

They also posted a video via, confirming the limited-time streaming of the anime:

They did not specify which areas will be able to watch the first episode, but South East Asia has always been able to view’s YouTube videos, from Gundam Build Fighters to the new episodes of the Iron-Blooded Orphans anime, even if that video has been region-locked from other areas.