As promised, has now started streaming the very first episode of the new Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt ONA for a limited time until 7 January. The episode is only available in a certain amount of areas, so the video might not be played in certain countries.

So that’s what all those shields are for… Now that makes you want to watch episode 2 too, right? The second episode will begin streaming in Japan on 12 February 2016, and will also be available on home video (DVD/ Blu-ray) at the same time.

On 29 January, there will also be an advance screening, but it will be exclusive for members of the Gundam Fan Club. However, it was not announced if this episode of the ONA will be available internationally as well. Here is the new key visual image for the second ep:


New screenshots for the new Gundam Thunderbolt net anime have also been released online:

Source: animeanime