2015 has been quite a great year for anime films, and Kyoto Animation’s new Free! prequel movie, High Speed! Free! Starting Days is definitely one of this year’s most popular ones. Kyoto Animation’s official YouTube channel, the KyoAni Channel, has started streaming the upcoming film’s extended trailer, which features the younger versions of some of the Free! characters we know and love.

Featuring the theme song, “Aching Horns” by OLDCODEX, the video shows Haruka and Makoto as middle school students participating in the medley team relay swimming competition. It also introduces us to their teammates, Asahi Shiina and Ikuya Kirishima.


The movie made its premiere last 5 December and made its debut at the weekend box office in 5th place, bagging 95,546,400 yen on 67,829 tickets sold at 120 screens across Japan.