With the Kizumonogatari movies about to be shown in Japanese theaters next year and Owarimonogatari currently airing in Japan, Aniplex has announced that they will be launching a new app starting 19 December for both the App Store and Google Play. It will be called Koyomimonogatari, and it will be showing a short anime based on NisiOisin’s books.


According to the announcement on the Monogatari official website, the first episode of Koyomimonogatari is scheduled to be released via the Koyomimonogatari app on 9 January. But wait, there’s more! The app will not only feature the anime, but will also have a daily pad calendar service featuring the voices of the Monogatari seiyuus.

Koyomimonogatari is the 11th chronological story in the Monogatari series, and was released as the light novels’ 14th volume back in May 2013.

It was also announced that the seiyuu unit, TrySail, will be performing the short series’ theme song, which will be titled “whiz.” TrySail is of course made up of the seiyuu trio of Momo Asakura, Sora Amamiya, and Shiina Natsukawa, and this new song will be serving as their third single, slated for release on 10 February 2016.


Source: Crunchyroll