A brand new promotional video was streamed for the upcoming Macross Delta special broadcast this 31 December, and we finally get a better look at the series-in universe “Tactical Sound Unit” and idol group, Walküre, as well as see the new Valkyries in action.

The video also features the song, “Ikenai Borderline,” which is performed by Walküre, whose seiyuus still remain a mystery, aside from newcomer, Minori Suzuki of course. She was selected among thousands of applicants for the role of the next Macross heroine. She will be voicing Freyja Wion. With the Macross special nearing its broadcast, many are wondering if the other seiyuus will be announced during that program.


Walküre, which is the franchise’s first all-female idol group, will be the series’ spiritual successor to the franchise’s legendary fictional musical acts, like Lynn Minmay (Macross), Fire Bomber (Macross 7), and Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier). You can check out their members here. Macross Delta is set 18 years after the events of Macross Frontier and follows the five-member tactical musical unit “Walküre,” which will comprise of the anime’s five main girls, including Freyja Wion. The anime will also feature the  “Aerial Chivalry Order,” a mysterious Valkyrie unit which begins its operations at the same time as “Walküre.”