Young Animal Magazine’s very first issue for 2016 dropped one big announcement, as they revealed that Kentarou Miura’s Berserk manga, will be getting a new anime adaptation. And this time, they will finally be animating Guts as the “Black Swordsman,” according to its creator, Miura. This will be the very first time that Guts’s Black Swordsman appearance will be animated, as it was only hinted on in the 1997 anime series.


The magazine also revealed that NBC Universal’s Winter Comiket booth will reveal the very first PV. However, it did not specify the format of this new anime, whether it will be an OVA, an ONA, an animated feature film, or a TV anime. And speaking of the 1997 anime, a new HD remastered edition has been announced by the magazine as well, and it will be released on 20 April as a boxed set, for 18,000 yen.

However, the magazine’s Berserk announcements were not all good news. In typical Miura fashion, it was announced that the manga will go on a hiatus yet again, and it is expected to return around Summer 2016 or so. It also announced that the manga will be published as an “irregular series.”


Source: ANN