Weekly Shounen Jump! 2016’s second issue revealed a new character for One Piece, and he will be quite important in the upcoming One Piece Film Gold movie, which is slated for 23 July next year. Only described as a “mysterious man,” his character design has been featured in the issue.


The same issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! also revealed that advance tickets for One Piece Film Gold will be released starting 18 December, and those who will order them will get a shiny golden clear file folder, featuring “Kintarou Luffy.”


A “special video” will also be featured when Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes its premiere in Japan on 18 December. So Star Wars and a new One Piece movie trailer? Now that would be quite awesome!

This will be the first One Piece film since 2012’s One Piece Film Z, which had the series’ very own mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, as the executive producer and credited with the original work. Oda returns as both the executive producer and creator for One Piece Film Gold.

Source: ANN