A brand new partnership between Mitsui Sumitomo (MSIG) and Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is taking humanity’s battle against the titans into a whole new level. MSIG is offering three new VISA credit cards inspired by the worldwide bestselling manga.


Fans who were disappointed that Levi was nowhere to be found in the live-action Attack on Titan movies will be happy to know that the pint-sized powerhouse is getting his own solo credit card.


While the trio of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa also get their own card, Survey Corps leaders, Erwin and Hange, will also be getting their own designs as well.

ac-2 ac-3

The first 2,000 applicants will also be getting special limited edition clear file folders, while the first 1,500 applicants for an iD debit card will receive a set of three cards which sport the same designs as the credit cards.

ac-4 ac-5

But if you think that’s all there is to this financial collaboration, those who spend more than 30,000 yen from now until 30 April will be getting a chance to win a Levi figure featuring good’ol Neat Freak-kun in the same pose as one of the VISA card designs.


Applications for these cards are now open to Japanese residents, and they can even apply online through this link: https://www.smbc-card.com/nyukai/affiliate/at-card/at-card_agreement.jsp

Source: Rocket news 24