As the very first Blu-Ray/ DVD volume release for the highly popular and overpowered anime, One Punch Man, will be released on Christmas Eve (24 December 2015). Bandai Visual is previewing the new One Punch Man OVAs that will be bundled with both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the anime, by posting the opening minutes of the two new OVAs. Here is from the first one:

The first OVA is titled “A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close,” and it will be coming with the anime’s Vol. 1 release. Meanwhile, Vol. 2 of the anime’s Blu-Ray/ DVD, will be featuring the second OVA,”The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker.” The second volume is slated for release on 29 January.

Both of these OVAs will be worth half an anime episode, and will have an expected running time of about 11 – 12 minutes each. It was also announced that both Saitama and Genos, will be getting their own mini-audio dramas and character songs, which will also be coming bundled with the Blu-Ray/ DVD releases.


Source: Crunchyroll