Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace have just released the new side-scrolling RPG, Exist Archive, which is considered to be the spiritual successor to the Valkyrie Profile series of games. The game is released for both the PS4 and the PS Vita, and it is featured in a series of TVCMs which feature cosplayers dressing up as two of the game’s heroines, Mayura and Ranze, and both of these ads make it look like both heroines are Levitating.


The first video features cosplayer Sana Hoshimori as Ranze:

This second video, meanwhile, features half-American cosplayer, Tiffany Haruka, as Mayura:

The secret was shooting both videos underwater. Yeah, it’s actually pretty obvious, but the thing is, Spike Chunsoft also posted a behind-the-scenes video, which shows how they managed to pull it off. Ladies and gentlemen, time to take notes.

Both cosplayers dived into the pool in full costume and make up, with famous underwater photographer, Manabu Koga, doing the filming. They also brought with them some black backgrounds to make sure it isn’t really that apparent that they were shot in a swimming pool. And yeah, they also brought some all-important lights to complete the effects.

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So that’s how they did it… But always remember, if you are going to do something like this, always ask permission from the owner of the pool you are using… unless you own a swimming pool yourself of course. And since it is being filmed underwater, remember, safety first to make sure nobody drowns.

Source: Rocket News 24