Picking out which cosplay photo to put in your cosplay card to give to fellow cosplayers, photographers, followers, and friends can be such a pain, especially when you have a lot of great shots to consider. Well, why not show them all in a new smartphone app which has become a big help to some cosplayers in Japan!


Otogi Nekomu, who just visited Singapore for AFASG, is helping out in introducing a new augmented reality (AR) app which “revolutionizes business cards.” Called Clip, this new AR app can turn any boring old business card into an exciting photo album in which cosplayers can show off all their various cosplays all at once. Now you don’t have to pick which shot would be best to show since you can just show them all!

By scanning the QR code into the app, users can see that business card’s contents, which includes pictures, videos, and even embed websites, so those people who you handed your coscards to may know how to follow you on twitter or like you are add you as a friend on Facebook. Here is an example of a Clip business card featuring Otogi Nekomu!


Clip is now available for download via the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store. And without further ado, here’s more Otogi Nekomu, who you can follow on twitter:


Source: Rocket News 24