Japanese singer, Rena Uehara, is going on a hiatus from work, as she is experiencing some problems with her voice, and that she will be receiving treatment for them. This was announced by her recording company, F.I.X. Records, which stated that the artiste has been diagnosed with psychogenic disphonia, which is a psychological disorder of the voice.


F.I.X. Records announced that they have discussed the matter with Uehara, and agreed that she needs some time off to treat her voice. No time frame for her return has been announced thus far, but her official website, blog, and Twitter account will continue to be updated, announcing further information about her return and treatment.

The singer has performed a number of songs, including White Album 2’s OP song, Todokanai Koi ’13, which was her last single released. She also performed White Album 2’s insert song, “After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~,” as well as theme songs for the ToHeart2 franchise, Tears to Tiara, and Utawarerumono, all of which are adapted from visual novels that she has been attached to.


Source: ANN