Indirect kisses may set one’s heart aflutter, but how would one feel if he managed to get one from his waifu? Now, you can gett an indirect kiss from your favorite character from Girlfriend Beta… well, sort of since these indirect kisses from the Girlfriend Beta characters has been turned into candy.


Thanks to the Japanese hard candy brand, Kanroame, we are now getting unique indirect kiss-flavored sweets featuring the girls of Girlfriend Beta. This is to celebrate the third anniversary of the highly successful multimedia franchise, which features one of the most all-star and stellar voice casts out there.


This is how the official website is describing this new product:

“Our newly developed Indirect Kiss’ flavor recreates the sensation of sharing a hot drink with a girl on cold day, with the two of you sipping from the same cup.”

So this one is more like sharing a warm drink with someone you like, and both of you are drinking from the same cup, now ain’t that just romantic? Now, the only question that remains is what drink are we talking about here, as the actual flavor-base used in these candies are still a mystery.

Each candy comes in a special tin containers, with additional illustrated cards inside. You can choose from any girl you like, and maybe, just maybe get something that’s close to an indirect kiss with her.


So which one are you getting.?

Source: Rocket news 24