One might think that high fashion and Final Fantasy are two terms that have nothing to do with each other. However, a new (and oh-so-surprising) collaboration between Japanese gaming giant, Square Enix and French high-end fashion company, Louis Vuitton, has many fans surprised, as Final Fantasy XIII main protagonist and all-around badass, Lightning, is shown modeling some of Louis Vuitton’s expensive wares.

Yeah, Lightning seems to want to return that purse. Well, either that or she does not know how to use one exactly. After all, she doesn’t really seem like the high-fashion type, despite being gorgeous herself.


The video was created by Square Enix, with Lightning being designed by the one and only Tetsuya Nomura. The video is for the new collaboration between Square Enix and Louis Vuitton, however, details on this surprising team-up have not yet been revealed.