After the nightmarish Fall 2015 Event, where many admirals lost both their minds and resources trying to farm Prinz Eugen, Graf Zeppelin, or Roma… or just trying to hit that annoying PT Imp, the developers at Kantai Collection is now treating the admirals to a Christmas bonanza with new Christmas costumes for the Fleet Girls.

Destroyer Shigure Kai Ni

DD_Shigure_Kai_Ni_Xmas_903_Full DD_Shigure_Kai_Ni_Xmas_903_Full_Damaged

Destroyer Sazanami

94_xmas_2015_1 94_xmas_2015_2

Destroyer Tanikaze

169_xmas_1 169_xmas_2

Destroyer Hatsukaze

190_xmas_1 190_xmas_2

Destroyer Kawakaze

459_xmas_1 459_xmas_2

Light Cruiser Naka

CL_Naka_Xmas_901_Full CL_Naka_Xmas_901_Full_Damaged

Light Cruiser Naka Kai Ni

CL_Naka_Kai_Ni_Xmas_902_Full CL_Naka_Kai_Ni_Xmas_902_Full_Damaged

Light Cruiser Ooyodo

183_xmas_1 183_xmas_2

Light Cruiser Ooyodo Kai

321_xmas_1 321_xmas_2

Italian Battleship Littorio

441_xmas_1 441_xmas_2

Italian Battleship Italia

446_xmas_1 446_xmas_2

Light Carrier Ryuujo

CVL_Ryuujou_Xmas_904_Full CVL_Ryuujou_Xmas_904_Full_Damaged

Light Carrier Ryuujou Kai Ni


And of course, a Kantai Collection Christmas won’t be complete without the Northern Princess herself, Hoppo, getting a Christmas costume, right? Ain’t she just adorable when she puts on her Santa outfit and tries to sink your fleet girls? awwwwwwwwwwwww… Just give Hoppo-chan her Zero already!


The new update also introduces new Christmas voices for several fleet girls, as well as new marriage lines for Heavy Cruisers, Atago and Takao, as well as new marriage idle lines for Battleships, Musashi and Italia, as well as Light Cruisers, Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, and Sakawa. New quests and furnitures have also been added during the last update, which was implemented last 8 December.

images via KanColle Wikia