Monster Hunter X (read as Monster Hunter Cross), the latest addition to Capcom’s internationally successful action game franchise, has now been released in Japan. Their official Monster Hunter twitter page has just  revealed that they will soon be adding a special collaboration with a series the game has a lot in common with – Ushio and Tora!


According to a magazine scan from the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine, the Ushio and Tora collaboration will begin next year, with a collaboration quest being available beginning 27 January. It also revealed that players will be able to use Ushio’s legendary Beast Spear, which was specifically made to slay Youkais, but in this case, it will be slaying gigantic monsters. They will also be adding a new companion of sorts, and it seems like it will be a chibi version of Tora! Now ain’t that cute?


The issue also revealed that after the Ushio and Tora collaboration ends, Monster Hunter X will then begin its own Magi collaboration, which is slated to begin sometime in March.

source: Hachimakikou