The city of Sapporo will always be tied with Hatsune Miku, and its annual Snow Festival, will always be associated great snow sculptures and its popular mascot Snow Miku.

As the city readies itself for winter, Snow Miku has taken over some aspects of the city once again, including the airport’s shopping center, Sky Town, where Snow Miku goods will be sold, Snow Miku menus will be featured in restaurants, and a life-size Snow Miku statue can be found in the airport’s 360-degree screen Hokkaido Gurutto Theater.

But the Sky Town’s Snow Miku takeover does not just stop there, as shops in the area will be selling special CDs titled “Stella Harmony feat. Hatsune Miku,” which are part of Snow Miku Sky Town’s very first anniversary! The CD will contain a compilation of 7 tracks plus one bonus track.

And just as you leave the airport, you might want to track down those Snow Miku streetcars which roam the city and transport passengers. Here is a new video showing how some of the city’s street cars got those Snow Miku makeovers. It also shows Snow Mikudayo introducing the new street car.

The video also features Snow Miku’s 2016 theme song, “Yuki Ga Tokeru Mae Ni” (“Before the Snow Melts”) by Doriko, which was introduced last month.

Every year, the city of Sapporo celebrates the Snow Festival with Snow Miku and several snow sculptures created by international and local sculptors. The annual event gives the city 100 million yen in revenue, with 40 different companies, including the Good Smile Company group, and Crypton Future Media, who are responsible for giving us Snow Miku. No wonder why the city loves Miku so much!

Source: Rocket News 24