Sometimes, transforming yourself into One Punch Man’s overpowered hero, Saitama, can be tough. You have to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and run 10 kilometers each and every day until your hair falls off. Now, thanks to Ensky, you can skip the “losing your hair” part with a new beanie! Oh, and you also get Saitama’s signature ironic face.


Ensky is now offering new Saitama beanies inspired by the Caped Baldie himself. You can wear them halfway, like any other beanie, or you can pull it all the way down to cover your face for that complete Saitama look! OK…

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Ensky has announced that these Saitama beanies will be available starting February 2016 and will come with a price tag worth 3,500 yen. Putting this beanie on might not give you the power to destroy powerful opponents with only one punch though, but it makes you come close… right?

Source: Nijimen