Japanese author, Mamare Touno, is known for writing socio-economic scenarios on a large scale for his two highly popular works, Maoyu – Maou-Yuusha, and Log Horizon. In his works, he has explained how the economy works, and should be very familiar with taxation, however, because of taxation, the author is now placed under house arrest.


Touno, whose real name is Daisuke Umezu, was arrested because his management company, m2ladeJAM, has been accused of not paying 30 million yen worth of taxes to the Japanese government. According to reports, he violated the country’s Corporate Tax Law when he did not pay 122 million yen in royalties for his company in the past three years. He was charged with tax evasion last April, and this house arrest is his punishment.


When he was arrested last April, Touno said in a statement that he already payed his taxes and he has cooperated with the government and completed all the necessary paperwork. Both his works have inspired successful TV anime, most notably Log Horizon, which inspired two anime seasons made by two different animation studios.

Source: Yahoo! Japan’s Jiji Press