Jouji Nakata is known for many great roles, from the soft-spoken Otoo-san in Working!!!, to the lovable Nyanta from Log Horizon. But his most iconic role may just be the one from Fate/ Stay Night, where he voices the corrupt priest, Kirei Kotomine. The not-so-lovable priest had his birthday last 28 December, and needless to say, the “fatherly” seiyuu celebrated it too.

The veteran seiyuu spent the evening of 27 December with some cake, curry, and some Kabuki, alongside a mini figure of his character. In other words, he had a lot of fun. Here are his tweets celebrating Kirei.

It certainly is no surprise that he just looooooooooooooves that character and just relishes being the villainous priest, judging from the amount of ham he gives out every time he voices the role. Hopefully, we can hear more from this veteran soon!

Source: Crunchyroll