28 December 2015, SOZO (Brand Owners of AFA) announced that Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.(SMEJ) will form a capital alliance with SOZO Pte. Ltd. to further expand the reach of Japanese Pop Culture in South East Asia.

The alliance signifies a step forward, with SOZO set to strengthen it’s capabilities in resources and content to allow SOZO to continue to expand it’s business in South East Asia and provide world class delivery of South East Asia’s biggest Japan Pop Culture event network Anime Festival Asia, which is held annually in Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand).

SMEJ – Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)


Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) is the owner of the anime company Aniplex, famous for it’s line of anime titles which includes Sword Art Online, Oreimo, Charlotte, Durarara!!, Fate series and many more! Within Aniplex, they also have A-1 pictures, one of the most successful animation studio in recent times.

SMEJ also boasts many success with SMEJ related artistes.  They are the artiste management and/or publisher for various famous Anisong Singers as well as JPOP stars, including the likes of, Eir Aoi, LiSA, Piko, ClariS, NOGIZAKA46, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Kana Hanazawa, MAN WITH A MISSION and many many more.

SOZO’s Achievements in 2015

SOZO had a busy year in 2015, organising 3 AFAs (Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore), with concert events from Australia to Philippines and has held successful Anime Matsuri branded events in Singapore and Malaysia – the company has established itself to be the leader in Japanese Entertainment events in the SE Asian region.


With SMEJ, Horipro (Japan) who now have capital alliance together with SOZO’s Managing Director, Shawn Chin (Singapore) in SOZO, coupled with investments from Zepp Live (Japan) and Dentsu Inc. (Japan) in AFA itself, SOZO has become a power house set to dominate South East Asia and beyond in the coming years.

With this new alliance, we here at AFA Chan look forward to further announcements and can’t wait for upcoming updates!

Check out the full press release below:

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. forms capital alliance with SOZO Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) For continued expansion of Japanese Pop Culture in South East Asia

Singapore, 28 December 2015 – SOZO Pte. Ltd. (SOZO – Headquarters in Singapore, Managing Director and Founder, Shawn Chin) announced that as of the 25th of November 2015, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SMEJ – Headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO , Michinori Mizuno) has formed a capital alliance with SOZO, the organisers of South East Asia’s biggest Japan Pop Culture event network Anime Festival Asia, held annually in Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand).

SOZO is a multi-disciplinary events and marketing agency, with a rich and diverse portfolio, who has had numerous success organising and delivering Japanese Pop Culture events in South East Asia. SMEJ’s investment into SOZO will further strengthen SOZO’s position in the market, elevating SOZO’s offerings and resources to the next level.

SOZO continues to be a neutral platform, with the vision and mission to continue to be the platform to promote and distribute Japanese Entertainment contents in South East Asia.

“With SMEJ’s support, SOZO is set to expand rapidly in the region, strengthening our position not only in Singapore, but also in key markets throughout South East Asia and beyond – including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Australia. It is a remarkable and exciting time for the company, as this new alliance with the powerful SMEJ group promises to transform SOZO’s offerings to valued customers in South East Asia. SOZO will continue to cultivate and introduce Japanese Pop Culture to the region.” said SOZO’s Founder and Managing Director, Shawn Chin.

– End –

SOZO Overview as of December 28th, 2015

Company name: Sozo Pte. Ltd.
Head office: Singapore
Representative: Shawn Chin (Founder and Managing Director)
Main business: Multi-disciplinary events and marketing agency, focusing on Japanese
Pop Culture / Owner and organiser of Anime Festival Asia (AFA)
Sozo official URL: http: //
AFA official URL: http: //

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Overview as of December 28th, 2015

Company name:. Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
Head office: Tokyo Japan
Representative: Michinori Mizuno (CEO)
Main business: Holding company dedicated to the management and administration of its
subsidiary companies.
SMEJ official URL: