After giving fans a huge sigh of relief with the news that the members of μ’s are not really breaking up after all, the lovely school idols of Love Live! have greeted commuters with a series of ads placed in several JR train stations, including one long version placed in JR Akihabara Station.


A total of 43 JR East train stations will be showing these ads, which are for the Love Live! smartphone game app, School Idol Festival. The ads were launched last 4 January, and will be shown in the 43 stations until 28 January. The complete set of ads are now seen in both Akihabara and Ikebukuro Station, but only until 10 January. Each ad also contains a special New Year greeting, which was written by franchise creator, Sakurako Kimino.

There are two sets of these ads, the first one shows the nine μ’s members wearing the traditional festive kimono, called the haregi, which are traditionally worn during New Year shrine visits.


Meanwhile, the second version features the μ’s school idols in their stage costumes, which have been featured in the School Idol Festival game.


A special New Year illustration for the game has also been revealed, and it features the μ’s wearing their respective haregi.

New Year LL

 Source: Press Release