During a Love Live! Sunshine live-stream in Niconico Douga, the cast members of AQUORS announced that Love Live! Sunshine will finally be getting itself an anime adaptation, and it is scheduled for summer 2016.


Not much information was given during the live-stream, but expect the nine seiyuus, who were previously announced, to be reprising their roles for this new TV anime.

The news of the TV anime was further confirmed by the Love Live! official website, which also announced that the group’s second single will be released on 27 April. The website also revealed that the AQUORS will finally be joining the Love Live! smartphone game, Love Live! School Idol Festival. This is in accordance to the upcoming summer 2016 anime.


You can check out the nine AQUORS members here: http://www.afachan.asia/2015/04/seiyuu-need-know-love-live-sunshines-cast/