The lovable sextuplets of Mr. Osomatsu have captured the hearts of many fans, and now, they are teaming up with the renowned Yoyogi Animation Academy, to teach some basics regarding animation and voice acting for aspiring animators and seiyuus.


Aspiring animators who want to work in the anime industry can sign up for the Animator Course. Professional animators will be teaching students the basics of animation, which includes how to make the sextuplets move. They will also get to keep their works and also take home an exclusive Mr. Osomatsu notepad.

As for the aspiring seiyuus, they can attend the Seiyuu Talent Course, which lets students voice the sextuplets, with professionals lending them advice, including tips on how to read a script properly. Marika Kouno, the seiyuu behind Sore Ga Seiyuu’s Rin Kohana, will be one of the guests to give her advice to the aspiring seiyuus. She will be appearing in the Tokyo session on 11 February, as well as the Osaka session on 16 January. Meanwhile, here are the schedules for the classes:

17 January
11 February (Voice Actor Talent Course, with Marika Kouno)
14 February  (Animator Course)

16 January  (with Marika Kouno)
24 January
14, 21, 28 February
30 January  – middle school students only
7 February – high school sophomores only

24 January,
7, 21, 28  February

24 January
28 February
23 January – high school sophomores only

17 January
14, 28 February

9, 17 January
13 February
28 February – graduates only
24 January
20 February – high school sophomores and seniors only

24 January
21 February
7 February- aimed at graduates

10 January
7 February

16, 24 January, 7
21 February
27 February (Animator Course)

24 January
21 February

The Yoyogi Animation Academy does not only offer classes on voice acting and animation, but also a variety of other courses, which include anime backgrounds, manga, novel scenarios, and figure sculpting.

source: ANN