After the success of part 1, MaidigiTV has started streaming a brand new PV for Part 2 of the 6-part Digimon Adventure tri. series, which is titled Ketsui. The video is split in two parts, with the first part giving us a preview of Part 2, while the second part teases us about Part 3.

According to the video, Part 3, Kokuhaku, is slated for a summer 2016 premiere, and it ends the video with Patamon saying sayonara to Takeru. Whatever could this possibly mean? The video also gives us a taste of Rosemon and Vikemon, the Mega forms of Mimi and Joe’s respective partner Digimon.

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Part 2, Ketsui, is scheduled for release on 12 March 2016. It will continue the 15th Anniversary anime, which was originally meant to be a TV anime. The anime is now a 6-part series of movies, instead.