Taiwanese cosplayer, Hizuki Aya, who is also known as Yao, recently cosplayed Howl from the Studio Ghibli’s classic, Howl’s Moving Castle. She has been known for some very amazing cosplays, but in this recent cosplay shoot, somebody seems to have taken the spotlight from her, and that person is her grandmother!


Her real-life grandmother joined her for the cosplay shoot, where the grandmother dressed up as the main heroine of Howl’s Moving Castle, Sophie, who is a young lady who was turned into an old woman by a witch’s curse. She even sported old Sophie’s braided hair.

Admit it, they just look adorable together. It has been noted that Hizuki Aya has a very close relationship with her grandmother, and this cosplay shoot just shows how strong that bond is, which coincidentally reflects that of the themes (youth, aging, destiny, courage and love) from the movie.

Source: Rocket News 24