Cosplayers often want to have that extra flair in their cosplay shoots, and many often feel that an explosion might make an image more action-packed or dramatic. However, explosions are very dangerous and should only be handled by professionals, and in some countries, they can be downright illegal. Some cosplayers would often resort to photoshop, however, a cosplay group in Japan has found a way to get actual explosions for your cosplay shoot, and no, it does not involve Michael Bay.


The cosplay group, CosNavi, has been organizing cosplay photo shoots in several locations which often include rural schoolhouses, centuries-old farmhouses, and abandoned factories. However, they are now taking cosplayers to Tochigi Prefecture’s Mt. Ifuneyama, where they can set off and control explosions for cosplay shoots.

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Their next plan to visit the mountain for some explosive photo shoots will be this coming spring. And as setting up explosions would really be dangerous, CosNavi actually has several pyrotechnic specialists working on these explosions, as they will be the ones to set up the explosive charges. But remember though, these guys are professionals, so DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

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But remember to stay calm and not get surprised once things go boom though. And if explosions aren’t your thing, perhaps stuff burning may get you interested, as CosNavi is also featuring a photo shoot featuring live flames. By setting the ground ablaze, the fire could add more drama to your cosplay shoot, and definitely make things a bit more interesting. Again, there are professionals handling the fire, so DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. CosNavi is also offering up torches as added props, and each one costs 1,000 yen.

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The shoot is actually called the “Ikusa Haru no Jin Iwafuneyama Cliff Stage,” and CosNavi is scheduling it for two days, which will be from 19 – 20 March 2016. Joining the trip will cost 5,000 yen, and that already includes fare to Tochigi. People interested in joining the shoot can register via their official website. Now go and make Michael Bay proud!

Source: Rocket News 24