Japan is well known for their uniquely flavored Kit Kats, which ranges from Match Green Tea to Strawberry to Soybean and even Wasabi. This year, they are adding a new flavor inspired by Japan’s most iconic rice-based alcoholic drink, sake, or nihonshuu.


Much like the extremely popular Matcha Green Tea-flavored Kit Kats, these sake-flavored treats will be aimed towards foreign tourists visiting Japan. The 9-piece packs will come in the shape of an Isshobin, or 1.8-litre sake bottle (pictured above), and will cost 700 yen, while the 3-pack boxes will cost 150 yen. They will be sold in souvenir shops and candy stores across Japan.


These sweet treats will feature classic white chocolate kneaded with sake powder, and boasts the flavour and aroma of a shot of top-quality sake, and will also have a nice and “refreshing” after-taste. And to complete the sake theme, this special Kit kat will also be featured and sold during the upcoming Craft Sake Week event, which will  be held from 5-14 February at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

Source: Rocket News 24