Big things are happening with Kantai Collection this year, and they started out with 2016’s very first new Kai Ni ship. The destroyer, Kasumi, who did not only receive one Kai Ni, but two, as KanColle has added Kasumi Kai Ni and Kasumi Kai Ni B.

DD_Kasumi_Kai_Ni_464_Full DD_Kasumi_Kai_Ni_B_470_Full

Kasumi Kai Ni can be achieved at Level 75, and features a more balanced version, while Kasumi Kai Ni B is achieved at Level 88 and focuses more on anti-aircraft warfare. By achieving Kai Ni, she can now also equip Daihatsu Landing Crafts, the Fleet Command Facility, and Large Radars which were only allowed in larger ships prior to getting a Kai Ni. She will be the first destroyer to be able to equip these items. She also gets two new quests centered around her.

However, the biggest news in Kantai Collection this week has got to be the introduction of monthly reward for the December Rankings, which has definitely gotten admirals everywhere talking. Why you ask? Because one of the rewards is the 16-inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.7, which is a gun not used by any of the Axis Powers, because it was used by the United States of America, an Allied country, and to be specific, it was used in their powerful Iowa-class Battleships, which were made to counter Japan’s most powerful warship, the Yamato.


The Kantai Collection developers have noted that the American naval gun is is “an early implementation of the equipment” and that it will fully be implemented as early as spring 2016. They have also mentioned that they will be introducing new ships which will come with this equipment. Now, the only ships which have historically been fitted with the 16-inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.7 are the four Iowa-class Battleships, Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and Wisconsin. This means that the developers are implying that as early as spring this year, we might be seeing American ships in Kantai Collection. However, they will not be the first ship in the game from an Allied nation, as that status belongs to the Soviet destroyer, Verniy, who is actually the former Japanese destroyer, Hibiki.

However, like the time Hibiki got turned into Verniy, the move came with mixed reactions. Nevertheless, admirals are generally excited that they may finally get to see Americans in KanColle. Again, before you guys start waving the stars and stripes and shooting your guns, while shouting ‘Murrica!, the American ships are only being hinted by the developers and nothing has been officially confirmed yet. But even so, the conversation is now up in the air.

Aside from the obvious Iowa sisters, which are being heavily hinted on, the United States, particularly their mighty Pacific Fleet, have plenty of historic warships which would make great additions to KanColle, and we have listed the Top 5 US warships from World War II that we think will be a great addition to the game. Here are the ships we think would make an excellent fit in DMM and Kadokawa’s popular PC browser game:

5 – USS Hornet (Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier)

One-way mission

This American Aircraft Carrier was the one responsible for the daring Doolittle Raid, which bombed several key Japanese cities as retribution for the Pearl Harbor attack. If the developers are adding American ships, it would be very interesting to see this Carrier being armed with her historic B-25 bombers, which were once deemed too large to be carried by an aircraft carrier.

4 – USS San Diego (Atlanta-class Light Cruiser)


The second most-decorated warship of the US Navy during World War II, the USS San Diego is one of the ships which symbolized the end of World War II as she is the very first Allied warship to enter Tokyo Bay right after Japan surrendered. She also has some history with Nagamon Nagato, which would definitely make things a bit more interesting.

3 – USS Atlanta (Atlanta-class Light Cruiser)


Kantai Collection is known for adding some very unlucky and tragic warships like the Fusou sisters, Taihou, Akebono, and Mutsu, and if the developers are planning to add US ships, the Atlanta should definitely join KanColle’s “Unlucky Tea Party.” This is because she was unlucky enough to be fired upon and sunk by friendly fire during the confusion of Solomon Islands campaign. Such Misfortune.

2 – USS Johnston (Fletcher-class Destroyer)


In anime, we often see Americans being depicted as hot-blooded and always charging head first into the fight. What better ship to show that signature American boldness than the USS Johnston, the destroyer who stood up to the dreaded Yamato, by charging head first into the fight during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, ultimately being sunk, but managing to damage several Japanese Cruisers and making the great Yamato retreat! Yes, this little destroyer led the charge of the legendary Taffy-3 and forced the Yamato to retreat. If KanColle is adding American ships, they should give the USS Johnston a hot-blooded attitude, like the ones you typically see in Shounen battle mangas.

1 – USS Enterprise


The Grey Ghost, The Big E, Lucky E, The Most Decorated Warship of WW2, are just some of the nicknames this legendary Aircraft Carrier has gotten through its historic service, which only a few warships can match. While the most revered WW2 ships from other countries are Battleships like Japan’s Yamato and Germany’s Bismark, the US has an Aircraft Carrier, which repeatedly haunted the Imperial Japanese Navy through daring raids and unforgettable heroics, especially during the Battle of Midway and the Solomon Islands Campaign. Boasting 20 Battle Stars, a Presidential Citation, and several other awards and service medals, the Grey Ghost is perhaps the most well-known American warship during the war, and we would really be happy to see her get added in KanColle.

So, what do you think would happen if the developers would finally add American warships? Which US warship are you the most excited about if this were to really happen?

Source: KanColle Wiki