Two of Capcom’s most beloved video game franchises are coming together for a brand new collaboration, which will feature Mega Man (or Rock Man as he is called in Japan) heading to the latest addition to the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter X… sort of.

OK, so it’s not really Mega Man who is coming to Monster Hunter X, but “Mega Nyan,” a Felyne dressed up as the legendary Blue Bomber himself. For this new collaboration, Monster Hunter X players can dress up their Felyne partners with a Mega Man costume and turn them into Mega Nyan. The costume will be available via a DLC, which also adds several features to that partner Felyne, as featured in the video above. These abilities are inspired by the original Mega Man’s own abilities.


Monster Hunter X (which is read as Monster Hunter Cross) is now available in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: 0takomu