Weekly Famitsu Magazine’s official website has revealed that the new [email protected] game for the PlayStation 4, which was announced last year, will be titled “The [email protected] Platinum Stars.” This will be the first [email protected] game for the PS4 platform. They also revealed a new screenshot from the upcoming PS4 game, featuring Haruka Amami.


When the game was announced last year, The [email protected] franchise’s chief producer, Bandai Namco’s Youzou Sakagami, revealed that the game is a completely new game different from One For All, which was released for the PlayStation 3 platform back in 2013.

More details will be revealed on Weekly Famitsu Magazine’s 11 February edition, which will feature a 4-page special about The [email protected] Platinum Stars. It will also include an interview with Sakagami himself, along with other reveals from the upcoming game. So are you ready? Are you [email protected]?!

Source: Famitsu