Not only is  Universal Studios Japan featuring several attractions from five of the most recognizable names in Japanese pop culture, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Evangelion, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Attack on Titan for a limited time, they have also opened a special Attack on Titan store inside the theme park.


Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft recently visited the theme park in Osaka, and previously showed us some very life-like versions of the series’ main characters. It seems that he’s also stumbled upon the store specializing in Attack on Titan goodies.


The store took the Attack on Titan theme to heart, and featured various merchandise from Hajime Isayama’s worldwide bestselling manga. These range from Survey Corps jackets and capes, to coffee mugs and key chains, to wallets and sunglasses, to even character headbands and snacks.

Inside the theme park, there is also an Attack on Titan food wagon, which also serves the thing Sasha Braus is most famous for – a potato!

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But then again, just behind the food wagon, there is a wall titan!


The shop, the Wall Titan, and the food cart, along with the other Cool Japan attractions, are now featured in Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan until 26 June.

Source: Kotaku