Ahhhhh fortune cookies, sometimes they can make you go all excited about your fortune, and sometimes, you just feel flat and feel underwhelmed with them. Now, cat-based novelty goods maker, Felissimo, is putting a cute and unique twist to the classic fortune cookie.


Instead of the usual folded sweet cookie, we get a nice triangular-shaped rice cracker, also known as sanbei, but what makes this take unique is that instead of the usual note containing some fortunes or words of wisdom, we get a cute cat figurine, and like the usual fortune cookies, we won’t know what’s inside until we crack it open.


Called Dagashi Nyanko Kakurenbo, or Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies, they come in pairs of individually wrapped sanbei, and along with a bag of karinto sweets.

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Each figurine is handcrafted, and come in several designs, all of which are in fact very cute, coming in a variety of poses and colors. You would not know which one you will be geting until you crack open that sanbei!

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The designs are actually different each month, so like fortune cookies, you might need some luck finding the one you want. Each bundle is being sold for 2,372(2200+tax) yen on Felissimo’s website.

Source: Rocket News 24