The second light novel in the “Off Season” for NisiOisin’s critically acclaimed Monogatari light novel series, Wazamonogatari, is getting itself a mobile game tie-in. To promote the tie-in, an official website has been launched. However, since the website will formally be launched on 30 January, they are currently showing a video of Super Mario game spoof, featuring Karen Araragi:

She may not be an Italian plumber, but Karen definitely knows how to hit those blocks. Wazamonogatari, which was released in Japan last 13 January, is the second book in the “Off Season” of the Monogatari series, following Orokamonogatari, which was released last year. Two more “Off Season” Monogatari light novels have also been scheduled, and they are titled Nademonogatari and Musubimonogatari.

Even though NisiOisin has already completed the “Final Season” of the Monogatari series last September 2015, he released a new “season” for his books, after announcing it when Zoku Owarimonogatari was released.