After the author of The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima), Noboru Yamaguchi, passed away due to cancer back in 2013, people were wondering what might happen to his series as he has only completed 20 of his 22 planned volumes.

Now, thanks to some manuscripts he left behind, as well as fans asking publisher MF Bunko to continue the series, one of the “Four Queens of Tsundere”, Louise, will finally be making her long-awaited return!


Eiji Usatsuka, who illustrated Yamaguchi’s original light novels, will also be returning. In fact, he has already illustrated the new cover art featuring Louise as seen in the image above.

A new unrevealed author will be continuing the light novel, and the story written will be based on the manuscripts and plot left behind by Yamaguchi. This new volume, Volume 21, is expected to be released on 25 February 2016 and will continue the story of the “zero”, Louise, and her familiar, Saito.

MF Bunko has admitted that many fans have been asking them to continue the series even after Yamaguchi passed away. Volume 20 of The Familiar of Zero was released back in February 2011 and went on hiatus due to the author’s health. Yamaguchi planned 22 volumes for his series and was determined to finish all 22 volumes before he passed away, but alas, he was not able to, leaving behind a few manuscripts about the fate of Louise, Saito, Tiffania, Siesta, and the rest of the gang.

Source: Mantan