Harry Potter has a very strong following in Japan, so it’s no surprise that J.K. Rowling’s timeless characters are be getting depicted in anime-style artworks. However, this time we are getting an official one from Animate, which gave several Harry Potter characters that official anime make-over.


In cooperation with Warner Brothers, Animate will be releasing these chibi versions of the Harry Potter characters as merchandise, which will include clear file folders, badges, rubber straps, and acrylic key holders. Animate has now revealed the clear files, which will be released later this month. Each of these anime-style Harry Potter clear files will be sold for 350 yen.

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Now ain’t that cute? But seeing Snape in the line-up just makes you sad doesn’t it? And speaking of Snape, we will end this with one fitting video. Rest in Peace Alan Rickman. ALWAYS.

Source: Crunchyroll