Sure, Hello Kitty and Mazinger Z are two of Japan’s most iconic characters, but having them team up would be a little bit unexpected. However, Badai and Sanrio have pulled off the impossible and made a collaboration nobody ever expected, for some new die-cast toys which feature a Mazinger Z version of Hello Kitty, and a Hello Kitty Version of Mazinger Z!


This might make Super Robot Wars a lot more interesting?! The collaboration is actually for Bandai’s die-cast articulated figure line, the Chogokin series, and they even made an adorable English-subtitled PV, which also features some very common and overly-used Japanese anime tropes.

The Hello Kitty figure shows Sanrio’s iconic not-a-cat mascot as a chougokin robot, complete with a Hello Kitty pilot, and a hatch which can be opened. With a price tag of 8,424 yen, this souped up Hello Kitty figure is slated for release on May 2016.


Meanwhile, the Mazinger Z figure, which has been decked out with plenty of Hello Kitty gear to make it look like one bad-ass-but-kawaii super robot, is scheduled for release in June 2016, and will also cost 8,424 yen.


When you get both figures, you can also pose them together, as if they are shaking hands.


Bandai has also revealed that they will be releasing a chogokin figure of yet another iconic Sanrio mascot character, My Melody. This is part of the character’s 40th anniversary, and she is scheduled for release on 18 January. And if you watched the video above, you might see that Bandai is also hinting on a My Melody x Getter Robo cross-over.

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