Kitan Club, best known for making anime merchandise and gashapons, has teamed up with the Pokemon Company for one adorable collaboration. You can now have your smartphones tucked in such a cute manner, that you might really end up saying “Kawaii” out loud.


The “Big Smart Phone Futon: ver. Pikachu” will feature the iconic mouse Pokemon in various smartphone futons, that you can use to rest up your smartphones after a long day. Here are the designs for these adorable phone futons:

Pikachu Pattern


Lots of Pikachus


Good night, Pikachu


Pikachu Face


A fifth design has also been announced, but has not been revealed yet.


Each one of these “Big Smart Phone Futon: ver. Pikachu” will be available via Kitan Club’s Gashapon machines for 400 yen, and can accommodate larger smartphones up to 140 mm x 70 mm in size.

Source: Crunchyroll