One Punch Man’s original key visual image introduced us to Saitama, the overpowered bald hero protecting Z City, as well as his “student,” Genos, a powerful S-ranked cyborg.


That very image now has inspired a 2.5D photo stand by figure manufacturers, Wave, which combines the elements of an illustration and a figure, into something like this:


While Genos remains an illustration in the background, Saitama is prominently shown clenching his mighty fist, and ready to deliver that mighty one-hit blow.

onepanman_02 onepanman_03

Measuring in at 176mm in height, this One Punch Man photo stand figure costs 5,500 yen, and is made of PVC and ABS plastic. The Saitama figure can also be detached from the frame itself. It is scheduled for release March 2016.


Source: Dengeki Hobby